Digitigrade legs for sale

I don't know why, but for years I've played around with how to make digitigrade enhancements for a human i. No, I have no clue why I think that, and I don't want to stop being human, and yet I wondered Sadly, such dreams remained dreams until I got sick and tired of either having a crappy costume for halloween, or no costume at all. Then I decided to make one.

And, being a perfectionist, I wanted to make it as perfect as human possible. And I wanted it unique. It likely would have gone nowhere if a friend hadn't pointed out a Yahoo group dedicated to created hooves for costumes. Most people there create "hoof boots" which are effectively high heels with the heel cut off and a hoof attached to the front sole of the shoe. I'm too much of a perfectionist for that solution, plus reports indicate that it is painful, and possibly hazardous to the human foot.

I have seen two designs that were actual digitgrade leg extensions. One used pneumatic pistons for the extra muscles, another used surgical tubing. After much analysis, experimentation, discussion, etc. The Force Diagram above depicts the forces acting on the leg with extension attached. The only pivot points that exist for purposes of standing are the ankle joint and the knee joint. Note that the hoof pivots, but the elastic's balance -- the purpose of the pivot is to give additional flexibility to standing, and to give the hoof a "default" position of pointing down to simulate movement whilst walking.

Note that "gravitational force" is both gravity pulling the upper leg down, and the ground pushing the leg extension up as a reaction to gravity pulling the body down. The key to the whole concept is the elastic "muscle" joining from behind the ankle to the bottom of the thigh. If you remove the elastic, the force of gravity tends to cause the hoof prosthesis via ankle pivot to pivot up and away from the ground clockwise in the diagramand the two halves of the human leg to pivot together via knee pivot counter-clockwise in the diagram.

digitigrade legs for sale

In essence, the whole thing attempts to collapse together into three parallel lines perpendicular to the ground -- a stack of sticks. However, the elastic causes a contractive force between behind the ankle and behind the knee. By pulling together on the other side of the ankle pivot, it causes the hoof prosthesis to want to pivot towards the ground, or in a direction opposite of what gravity wants counter-clockwise in this case.

It is NOT pulling the upper and lower portions of the human leg together as gravity does because of the ankle pivot point and the force upward of the ground.

In essence, the leg extension adds a long lever between the ground and the heel of the foot, with the ankle being the fulcrum. As this is much longer than the human foot, the ankle muscle won't support it on its own.

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Not to mention the issue with standing on tiptoe and damaging the leg tendons. The only "muscle" that needs to be added is between the heel and the upper leg to counteract the increased length of the foot or the increased link of the lever.The epic costume requires much preparation.

Inspired by the designs from supernatural themed movies these stilts are metal and plastic which makes for a safer and longer wearable appendage. All of the computer generated templates and drawing files are located in the digi.

I recommend that you download and read this entire instructable before beginning your project. Build early so you can practice and get used to walking in these stilts. Play safe You can download the complete instructions in 2 parts in the materials section of this instructable.

The stilts shown weigh about 8 pounds each.

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The stilts pictured were tested thoroughly bay a person weighing pounds plus carrying an additional 30 pounds of weight. To make up for the lack of video I am offering a 1 year PRO membership to the first person that posts a video of stilts based on my design.!!!

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The pre-made straps are available at Home Depot but are weaker and considerably more expensive than making your own. I will cover how to make your own in a later section.

You will need a tubing cutter or hack saw for this. I will show the steps to make your own. Sintra is foamed PVC which is light weight and has the strength required for this project. It is easy to cut and form. The metals are available on-line from metalsupermarkets. If you go to the store be sure to check for pre-cut and scrap pieces which will be less expensive than the full lengths of bar stock. Bolts and fasteners are available in specialty stores like calfast.

You will need to measure your leg in 6 key areas in order to get a proper comfortable fit. If the critical areas like the ankle and leg height are not correct then the entire brace will slide and chafe as you walk. Be sure to record these measurements as you will need them during the materials preparation stage.

Your thigh needs to be measured in 2 places; the first as about 4 inches above your knee and the second is approximately at the mid point.Thanks for checking out this brand new dolphin partial suit!

Werewolf Stilts, Digitigrade Legs.

This suit includes a foam base head with follow me eyesinner head is lined with lycra, features a fleece These are premade handpaws using my own pattern! This dingaroo partial suit is up for auction!

Brand new, this suit comes with a head, tail and character ref sheet. Base made by unknown local maker traded hands too ma Main Info: Four fingers, fleece pawpads and felt claws, its fully lined with blue jersey fabric, and the edges are lined with black elastic. The fur is Sh To be completed towards the end of by Mad House Masks.

Item is in like new condition only worn once the only thing wrong is zipper needs to be replaced. Hello, We are selling this beautiful new wolf partial. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear ducts.

Wash-Sale Rule

No airbrush, just fur so eas Item was used before me. The work I put into it was cutting out the ice in the nose off so you can put buck rub ice in any type of noise you want. Bunny Rabbit suit consisting of Head, Hands, tail and legs with padding.

Head, paws, tail, feetpaws, digital art and character. Lunar Knight is a brand new fursuit made by Josiebubblesuits on IG. Dm Rileighbi on IG for more details or pictures. Mq-hq feline full partial with amazing vision and ventilation.

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Fursuits [ Reset ]. Fursuit Accessories.

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See Description. Returns Accepted.If you've ever wanted to wear an animal costume and have the "backwards" legs like animals, too, this Instructable is for you!

digitigrade legs for sale

In it, I'll show you how to make digitigrade legs, which look like the joints are standing animal legs. It requires a bit of money, sewing, and patience. If you have those, then look ahead!

digitigrade legs for sale

In this Instructable, I will go over the materials and steps required to make legs using fabric, craft foam, elastic and a glue gun. You should have a sewing machine if you'd like to make these quickly.

My first Fursuit (digitigrade legs)

This Instructable is an add-on to the Hooves Instructable. Put both together and you'll have a lower body costume like the one pictured here! Approximately hours, if you're handy with fitting fabric. It may be more if you need to make a pattern or pin the leg fabric. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

The pads we are making are used to give the illusion of "backwards" legs. They will be taped or glued to the inside of the legs once they are made. By making these first, we ensure that the fur will "fit" the digitigrade legs. To make the pads, begin by looking at some images of animal legs. I added a simple sketch for reference. The yellow is a human leg, with an animal leg drawn over it. Notice where the bends are. We're making one on top of the thighs a fake kneeand one behind the calves a fake tall ankle joint.

At step I stopped taking pictures, because draping takes four hands and I only had two. If you have a friend that can help you, definitely invite them over for this step!

Realistic Digitigrade "Backwards" Costume Animal Legs

Now we will make the fur fabric to cover your padded legs. I made my fur covers by draping them on my legs, with the pads taped on.

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Draping is defined as the process of positioning and pinning fabric to develop the structure of a garment design. After draping, the fabric is removed. There are many good draping tutorials out there such as:. I do draping naturally, so cut the fur at a length that wrapped around the foam pads and added an extra foot to that length.

I pinned the pieces together, and then sewed them into cylinders. Once you have leg cylinders, begin to pinch in the fabric to tighten it around the leg. Pin the area to tighten, and then sew it shut.

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It should produce the pictured "form fit" sleeve around the foam pads.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. All of the collections you will find here are first quality, limited inventory items available for direct purchase online.

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digitigrade legs for sale

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Parker James by Summer Classics.Kim Beaton and her digitigrade leg extensions. Photo by Dionwrbear. The booming film industry here in Wellington, New Zealand a. Kim is a vibrant, intensely focused person who always seems happiest when she has multiple projects in development: large scale sculptures, community arts outreach programs, armor design and production, you name it!

The clips quickly went viral. A heads up to performers, costumers, burners, party monsters, cosplayers, designers and filmmakers— this is big. I mean, really, really fun. Watch this instructional video featuring Kim and a woman who has never been in stilts or extensions of any kind before in her life to hear and see a bit about why her particular adaptation of the digitigrade concept is so unique and easy to acclimate to wearing.

Recently, Kim spoke with me at length about the history of digilegs, as well as her past community collaborations and several other upcoming personal projects. Please describe the Weta Legs. What sets your invention apart from other kinds of stilts or leg extensions?

They have been called the Holy Grail of costuming. How do you build a device that will give a person the backward leg of a dog or horse? They are referred to by all sorts of names: digilegs, digitigrades, faun legs…. What does digitigrade mean? A digitigrade is an animal that stands or walks on its digits, or toes. Hence, Weta Legs. They certainly do make the silhouette of the person wearing them appear alien.

They do. It also changes your presence. Not because of your height, but because your entire gait is altered. Underworld werewolf concept design by Patrick Tatopoulos.

Can you tell us a bit about where the idea for the leg extensions came from? My friend Brandy Cannon is a costumer and she had seen the film Underworld.The wash-sale rule is an Internal Revenue Service IRS regulation established to prevent a taxpayer from taking a tax deduction for a security sold in a wash sale.

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